More About Us

' Faerie Baby Nest'
I could waffle on here about how much I love Art.
How I have always wanted to be an 'Artist'.
I could say that creating Art burns with an unrelenting desire, which I must pursue or perish.
A little dramatic but you get the picture :o)
I don't think anyone reading this really cares about how passionate I am about Art, so...
Instead, I'll tell you about the place we live and how it colours my world...

Many years ago a small shy girl stood at the top of the stairs holding her little sister's hand, believing they could fly they both leaped from the top stair...and flew.
Years later the feeling of being able to fly is still here, although after three children, my body may not have the grace it had all those years ago, my mind can take me into the air to fly with the wondrous beings who share the world with us.
Marriage to a Giant Troll (and then the children) led us to seek out somewhere to build a place for magic to grow, we moved to a crumbling old cottage up a mountain in Snowdonia (a natural Troll habitat,) in North Wales, little did we know that we would find ourselves surrounded, by wild things (none of which were scary) and by all manner of Magical Folk (some of which can be a little scary at times).
After a while my art began to reflect the surroundings here in the rugged windswept mountains of Wales, more and more Mystical Beings began to appear, so naturally I welcomed them in.
We soon decided they deserved their own special place, where they could do as they pleased, we planted a very small woodland for them to play, this became known as Oberon's Wood, this area is a wild place full of mystery.

We leave gifts in the trees and bushes; flowers, cookies, tiny 'fairy cakes' (they always disappear quickly).
If the Magical Beings keep still long enough, I am allowed to sketch them, sometimes they let me paint them, but only if I do it quickly and am quiet (I always am).

I draw every day; Mermaids, Fae, Magic, Myths, Children, Witches, pouffy-frocked ladies...(not many chaps unless they pester me) and then decide what they can become, some want to be painted, some say their features would be better in clay...
Sometimes they peer up at me with their little eyes and say in their sweetest voices that they are afraid to show their faces.
You can never force a drawing to become something it doesn't wish to be, I tried long just made us both I understand, so I leave them safe inside their cosy sketchbooks.
Art shouldn't be about hatred, it should be about love.
After all, isn't that what life is all about...

I am most delighted that you came to visit us here in our little corner, you are very welcome any time you pass this way.
I will even let you hide inside my sketchbooks if you are feeling a little shy :o)